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Buy drug tests in bulk at Wholesale prices

From 12 Panel Now , We offer the lowest price in America and keep millions of drug test supplies in stock . Designed for rapid, easy use and delivering highly accurate results, these pharmaceutical-grade testing products are available at a significant discount when you buy in bulk. Our drug test cups are as low as $1.29 per cup and dip strips $0.23

Buy Drug Tests in Bulk

Whether you’re an employer that operates a regular drug testing program, or one that needs to order bulk Covid test kits to make sure your workforce is as protected as possible, we’ve got the high-grade products you need. We can fulfill orders of almost any size – whether you need fifty or five hundred bulk urine drug tests, testing strips, or similar, we can get them to you quickly and for a competitive price.

Wide Range of Bulk Drug Testing Supplies

12PanelNow provides a comprehensive selection of bulk drug tests. These include the most commonly used controlled substances, including Fentanyl Test Strips and a 12-Panel Cup that includes a test for TCA. Other controlled substances that can be tested using our bulk order drug test kits include cocaine, barbiturates, alcohol, opiates, methadone, benzodiazepines, and a range of other substances that may impair performance at work, indicate an addiction, or require further investigation.

In addition to testing for controlled substances and alcohol, we also have pregnancy tests available.

Save on Fentanyl Test Strips

Being aware of an individual’s Fentanyl usage can be important for all sorts of reasons. Our Fentanyl test strips provide an almost instant way of indicating the presence of the drug in urine. The test is rapid, non-invasive, and very simple to perform.

The more you buy, the more you save! Like our other products, Fentanyl test strips have a long shelf life. If it’s a product you’re likely to use regularly, it makes sense to stock up and take advantage of the lower prices that are available for bulk orders.

Accurate Tests for Professional use

Note that the bulk drug test cups we sell are made to a high standard, and are suitable for use in a professional setting.

Rapid Covid Test for Sale

A COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test is a good way of quickly diagnosing the presence of the Covid virus. The 12PanelNow com Covid tests are accurate enough for use in clinics, workplaces, hospitals, and any other setting where infection control is a priority.

If you distribute tests to your workforce to use before they come to work, our bulk Covid test kits are simple enough to use at home. No medical training is required to either complete the test or to interpret the result. We’ve made our kits as straightforward to use and as easy to understand as possible.

Note that when you use our Covid antigen tests, there’s no need to send the tests away to a lab to be analyzed before the results are known. There’s also no need to add anything to the tests or keep them in controlled conditions until the result develops. These are simple to do and can be done almost anywhere. Results are available in just a few minutes.

In the current climate, staying on top of Covid infection is a priority in almost every setting. 12 Panel drug test bulk purchases of Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Tests are an economical way of keeping everybody safe.

Bulk Drug Test Cups for Resale

For retailers, 12 Panel Now offers the opportunity to buy drug cups, test strips, and Covid tests in bulk, then resell them for retail prices. However, our competitive wholesale rates, premium products, and fast delivery mean we’re a great supplier to do business with!

Take a Look at our Reviews

We are proud to provide our wholesale customers with a fast, economical, and high-quality solution to their needs for drug testing products. Above all, we have years of experience in delivering exceptional items that are designed to cater to the needs of professionals and DIY testers alike, our aim is to fill bulk orders promptly and correctly.

Meanwhile, take a look at our 12Panel Now reviews to see what our customers are saying about us. We look forward to becoming your supplier of choice when it comes to 12-Panel Cup TCA tests, Fentanyl test strips, COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test products and many more premium drug test kits.