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6 Panel Drug Test Cup

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 6 Panel Drug Test Cup, AMP/1000, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, OPI/300, OXY/100

6 Panel Drug Test Cup

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    Information about a 6 panel drug test cup

      • Our 6 Panel Urine Test is a quick drug test that uses a POC (Point-of-Care) urinalysis cup that is FDA approved and CLIA certified.

      • In actuality, it is regarded as reliable and accurate by businesses, institutions, schools, and other comparable entities.

      • These exams are comprehensive, independent screening exams.

      • For the purpose of verifying urine samples, each of our 6 Panel urine test cups has an integrated temperature strip.

      • Very sensitive and also adheres to the SAMHSA threshold values.

      • Every standard 6 Panel drug test has a 99% accuracy rate and is simple to use for drug testing at home or in the office.

      • Additionally, each one has a rounded shape for improved grip. These tests include a leak-proof construction, a no-drip screw top cover, and an easy peel-and-read label.

      • Although we advise evaluating the urine sample five minutes after the drug test, you can view the findings of the 6 Panel drug test in as little as two minutes or less. Wait no more than eight minutes before interpreting the outcome.

      • These drug tests are appropriate for clinical use as well as for use as a drug test at home.

    What substances are detected in a 6 panel test?​


     Instructions for a 6 panel at-home drug test


    Use the urine drug test cup as soon as you can after removing it from the sealed package.


    Verify the specimen's temperature between 2-4 minutes by keeping an eye on the location of the green dot. On the accompanying temperature line, a green dot will show up.


    When you're prepared to analyze the findings, remove the label. It should take five minutes to read the test findings. After 8 minutes, the outcome should not be interpreted.

    Results of 6 Panel Drug Test

    If it is Positive

    In the control region, there is just one colored band visible. The test region (T) shows no visible colored band

    If it is Negative 

    On the membrane, two colored bands will appear, one band would be present in the control region (C) while the other would be present in the test region. (T)

    If it is Invalid 

    The control band won’t show up. any test which has not produced a control band at the specified read time must be eliminated. Please go over the steps again and do a fresh test. Stop using the kit right away and get in touch with your local distributor if the issues continue.

    What is a 6 Panel Drug Test?  

    A 6 Panel Drug Test is a type of urine drug test (panel test) that uses FDA-approved POC (Point-of-Care) urinalysis cups and is CLIA waived in order to identify six illicit drugs or substances in a single urine sample. OXY/100, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, AMP/1000, OPI/300, BZO/300

    This is one of the more well-liked options among people who manage drug testing programs and pre-employment screenings because it is one of the less expensive drug test kits.

    It has six panels or six test strips, that can each identify a different abused chemical. This method of urine drug testing is ideal since it can effectively detect a variety of drugs in the urine.

    With its rounded shape, no-drip twist top cover, and leak-resistant features, this 6 Panel Rapid Urine Drug Test is safe and simple to use for both you and the donor. Additionally, it includes an integrated temperature strip for validating a donor's urine sample.

    Scam Free Drug Testing

    Some test supervisors can be concerned about the authenticity, substitution, or dilution of the urine sample.

    The integrated temperature strip in these urine test cups provides a straightforward solution. The temperature strip shows what the urine sample's temperature is. This can help you figure out if the urine sample has been tampered with.

    Standard 6 Panel Drug Test

    The rounded shape, no-drip twist top lid, and leak-resistant characteristics of this Standard 6 panel drug test make it safe and simple to use for both you and the donor.

    Additionally, it contains an integrated temperature strip for validating the urine sample of a donor. You can determine from this strip if the urine is real, fake, or diluted. Therefore, lying is not feasible.

    Our wholesale panel drug test cups, however, are extremely sensitive and meet SAMHSA cutoff values. This urine analysis test is ideal for pain management and addiction screening because to its lower cutoffs.


    Each standard 6 panel drug test also has a 99% accuracy rating and is simple to use for drug testing at home or at the office. It is a screening cup that is entirely integrated and self-contained.

    The SAMHSA cutoff levels are met by our highly sensitive wholesale panel drug test cups. This urine analysis test is ideal for pain management and addiction screening because to its lower cutoffs.