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13 Panel Drug Test Dip Card With Fen

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA DIP PANEL: 13 Panel Urine Dip Card, FEN/20, AMP/ 1000, BAR /300, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MDMA/500, MET/1000, MTD/300, OPI/300, OXY/100, PCP/25, THC/50

13 Panel Drug Test Dip Card With Fen

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    13-panel urine dip drug test  ​

    • 13 Panel Drug Test  Dip Card with Fentanyl drug test is reasonably priced.

    • Simple to use and includes an instant urine drug test.

    • An actual substitute for a panel drug test cup is a 13 Panel Urine Drug Test Dip Card.

    • The dip card for the multi-drug test panel can identify up to 13 distinct illegal substances.

    • We advise using this multi-drug test dip card for on-the-spot testing in both professional and healthcare settings.

    • The packaging lists the expiration date for this drug test

    • The 13 Panel Dip cards are also inserted into the urine sample to complete the process.

    • Positive results should only be reported after 5 minutes, whereas negative results may surface as soon as 3 minutes.

    • On the other side, Simple to Use -> One Step Process

    • Extended Shelf Life (1 – 2 Years)

    • Only for forensic use.

    • Fast shipping options and discounted pricing are also available. 

    • Not Clia Waived*

    What information may a 13-panel urine dip test reveal?

    A 13 Panel Multi Drug Screen Test: How Do I Use It?

    Test Instructions:

    1. Remove the Urine Dip Test first from the foil pouch that has been sealed. After that, take the dip card's cap off.

    2. Then, dip the dip card into the urine sample for 5 seconds while the exposed absorbent test strips are submerged. But keep the urine sample away from the plastic device as it might result in inconclusive drug test results.

    3. The dip card should then be laid flat on a clean, non-absorptive surface with the cap covering the exposed absorbent test strips. Give it five minutes.

    4. Finally, take five minutes to read the results. After ten minutes, stop reading

    How to read this test?

    If it is Positive

    In the control region, there is just one colored band visible. The test region (T) shows no visible colored band

    If it is Negative

    On the membrane, two colored bands will appear, one band would be present in the control region (C) while the other would be present in the test region. (T)

    If it is Invalid

    The control band won’t show up. any test which has not produced a control band at the specified read time must be eliminated. Please go over the steps again and do a fresh test. Stop using the kit right away and get in touch with your local distributor if the issues continue.

     A Valid Drug Test for Fentanyl

    A urine dip test is a 13-panel, rapid test that detects Fentanyl as well as 13 other substances. It is a simple and user-friendly drug test device that is also cost-effective.

    We advise using this multi-drug test panel dip for on-the-spot testing in both professional and healthcare settings. On the other hand, this procedure is carried out by inserting the Urine Dip Drug Test Card into the urine sample.

    Then, dip the sample pad area of the dipstick card into the urine sample, only going as far as the dipstick strip's "MAX" marking or the card's edge.

    Positive results should only be reported after 5 minutes, even though negative outcomes may surface as soon as 3 minutes.

    The screening for fentanyl, which is a major and rapidly spreading pandemic in America, is also included in our 13 Panel Urine Dip Test.

    You shouldn't read the results after 10 minutes.

     We highly recommend this dip test as a cost-effective alternative to using drug test cups.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If a confirmatory drug test yields a positive result, one more verification is carried out.

    The individual whose drug test was positive is contacted by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). He will be able to comprehend how the medication that was discovered in the tested person's body is present.

    Taking over-the-counter medications like Ativan may be discovered by the MRO. Or, is on antidepressant, arthritic, and weight loss prescription medications. Or the person consumed poppy seeds on some pastry.

    The MRO may declare the test to be negative once they have identified a verifiable and acceptable cause for the positive result.

    Amphetamines have a cutoff level of 1000 ng/mL on a 13-panel drug test card.

    Look no farther if you need a 13 panel drug test. We offer drug test cups and cards with a 13-panel at the lowest costs.

    False-positive findings on a drug test can have some unpleasant effects.

    Illicit drugs may show in a drug test even if these may have been obtained through ordinary products like foods, pharmaceuticals, or other substances.

    Unexpectedly, we are unaware that the substances we ingest could cause a false positive on a drug test.

    Do not be concerned if you receive a "false-positive" result; you can always dispute this. Ask your pharmacist if prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC medications you are currently using can generate a positive drug test result. As soon as a repeat test is feasible or a more sophisticated way of testing is available, request it.

    When using a 13 panel drug test card, there isn't much preparation required.

    Just have these available:

    • Container for collecting specimens

    • Timer

    • urine controls, both positive and negative

    Additionally, before using the test card, let it come to room temperature. then carry out the exam.

    Yes, a 13 panel drug test card will identify buprenorphine (BUP) as Suboxone.