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16 Panel Drug Test Cup FYL, EtG, KRA

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SERENITY MULTI DRUG DOA CUP: 16 Panel Drug Test Cup, KRA/500, FEN/20, EtG/500, AMP/1000, BAR/300, BUP/10, BZO/300, COC/300, MDMA/500, MET/1000, MTD/300, OPI/300, OXY/100, PCP/25, TCA/1000, THC/50

16 Panel Drug Test Cup FYL, EtG, KRA

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    16 Panel Drug Test Cup FYL, EtG, KRA

    16 Panel Drug Test Cup

    • In a single process, the 16 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup screens up to 16 different drugs of abuse in a system, including Fentanyl, ETG, and Kratom.

    • It also gives fast and accurate findings.

    • As a result, results can be obtained in as little as 5 minutes after the sample is collected.

    • Test results are shown on the panels through the container and do not require the cup to be opened.

    • Fully integrated, self-contained drug screening instrument with temperature strip built in to assist eliminate false submissions.

    • Indeed, our Standard 16 Panel Drug Test Cup meets SAMHSA threshold values since excellent urine analysis test for pain management and drug addiction screening.

    • Screw-top that is both leak-proof and non-drip.

    • Special Wholesale Pricing - as little as $2.89 each drug test cup.

    • This test is also not CLIA waived.

    • Only for forensic purposes.

    16 Panel Drug Test List

    How is a 16-panel drug test performed?

    Test Instructions:


      Remove the urine drug test cup from the sealed pouch as soon as possible and use it.


      Verify the temperature of the specimen after 2-4 minutes by examining where the green dot emerges. On the relevant temperature line, a green dot will emerge.


      When you're ready to understand the results, remove the label. The test results should be available in 5 minutes. After 8 minutes, do not interpret the result

    How Do I Read the Results of a 16 Panel Drug Test? 

    If it is Positive

    In the control region, there is just one colored band visible. The test region (T) shows no visible colored band

    If it is Negative

    On the membrane, two colored bands will appear, one band would be present in the control region (C) while the other would be present in the test region. (T)

    If it is Invalid

    The control band won’t show up. any test which has not produced a control band at the specified read time must be eliminated. Please go over the steps again and do a fresh test. Stop using the kit right away and get in touch with your local distributor if the issues continue.

     16 Panel Drug Test    

      • 16 Panel drug test cup is specifically intended for more efficient urine specimen collection, handling, and interpretation.

      • Although it has a rounded design and a no-drip twist top lid, it makes the urine drug testing process safe and sanitary for everyone. And there is also a peel-and-read label making it easier for you to check results.

      • The 16 Panel drug test identifies Kratom, as opposed to the 12 and 14 Panel drug tests. Furthermore, a total of 16 chemicals will be detected in minutes, providing precise findings. Also, for individuals who are looking to test for Cocaine Marijuana and Tramadol, this is an appropriate screening solution.

             Drug Test with 16 Panels What Does it Test For?

      The 16 Panel test also provides the most test strips in a single urine test. Meanwhile this makes it one of the most complete urine test kits accessible today. The term "responsibility" refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. So, here is the 16-panel drug test list:

      AMP/1000, OPI/300, MET/1000, BZO/300, COC/300, MTD/300, OXY/100, BUP/10, MDMA/500, THC/50, TRA/300, PCP/25, FYL/20, EtG/300, K2/50, KET/1000 are the drugs found in this test.

      The 16 Panel drug test is also the best option for drug screening in most cases. It can detect the usage of prescription drugs as well as other illegal substances. See the box for more details about each test's detection window.


      Each test cup also has a temperature strip integrated in for confirming the donor's urine. As a result, it aids in determining whether the urine sample falls within the proper body temperature range.

      The SAMHSA threshold levels are met by the 16 Panel urine drug test kit, which is exceptionally sensitive. However, with significantly lower cutoffs, this urine analysis test is now excellent for pain management and drug screening.


      In addition, the 16 Panel urine test is a fully integrated, self-contained drug screening equipment that provides quick and accurate findings in only a few minutes. It also includes 16 test panels, each of which is designed to identify a specific chemical.

      Many pick the 16 Panel drug test kit not only because of its simplicity and accuracy but the spectrum of drugs discovered in each test kit.

    Is Kratom detectable in a drug test?

    The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has designated kratom as a "drug of concern" in the United States; nonetheless, the drug is neither restricted or outlawed in the majority of states. (

    Kratom is usually used in its natural form in Southeast Asia, where it originates - fresh or dried leaves chewed on or brewed into a tea.

    Kratom also contains the stimulant mitragynine as well as the narcotic 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Similarly, many people now continue to self-medicate with kratom as a pain reliever. The wording of this sentence is a little different than the one on the back of the envelope, but it is the same idea. So, one of the main concerns among those providing drug screens that identify kratom is the impact of overuse, which has been equated to the intoxicating effects of other opioids.

    However, Kratom is not typically detected in a conventional Urine Drug Test. However, with the new 16 Panel Urine Drug test from 12 Panel Now, Kratom is one of the key drugs detected, delivering accurate findings in just a few minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The 12 Panel Now 16 Panel Drug Test detects up to 16 substances of abuse, including Kratom. The following compounds were detected: AMP/1000, OPI/300, MET/1000, BZO/300, COC/300, MTD/300, OXY/100, BUP/10, MDMA/500, THC/50, BAR/300, PCP/25, FYL/ 20, EtG/500, KRA/500, TCA/1000.

    Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant and nerve pain drug often used to treat shingles seizures and pain. A routine urine drug test from 12 Panel Now would not ordinarily identify this.

    The 16 Panel Drug Test is one of the most comprehensive multidrug tests available because it detects the majority of the common illegal substances of concern. 12 Panel Now, one of the nation's most economical drug testing providers, offers 16 Panel Drug Tests.

    The 16 Panel Drug Test is one of the most comprehensive multidrug tests available, detecting up to 16 distinct drugs. Because of the intricacy of the test, as well as the components included to aid in the detection of fraudulent testing, the best approach to pass the drug test is to refrain from any illicit drug usage prior to doing this drug screen. Please consult your primary care physician before submitting a urine drug screen if you are already using prescription medication.