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Cocaine Drug Test Strip

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SERENITY Cocaine Test (Individual Pouch) 300 ng/ml, Urine Dip Stick

Cocaine Drug Test Strip

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    Cocaine Drug Test Strips

    • Cocaine drug test strips are an easy, quick, trustworthy, and accurate test that finds the presence of cocaine (also known as crack) in urine.

    • Detectable Time It Remains in the Body After Use: High Sensitivity Test - 100ng/Ml High Level of Accuracy Level @ 99% for 2-5 Days.

    • Internal procedural controls are included in this cocaine urine test.

    • Positive Results Will Appear as a Colored Band in the Control Region If There Is Enough Material and the Procedure Is Followed Correctly.

    • However, this kit does not contain any external controls. Because of this, we strongly advise additional testing to confirm positive outcomes.

    • Only for forensic use

    What exactly is Cocaine? 

    Cocaine is an addictive stimulant substance derived from the coca leaf extract of South America. Cocaine comes in three different known forms: hydrochloride, freebase, and crack. The substance has frequently been combined with flour, talcum powder, and cornstarch on the streets.

    In the United States, cocaine consumption has a long history, and with it, overdose and fatalities. The 1980s saw a sharp increase in crack usage, according to Regular cocaine users increased from 4.2 million to 5.8 million between 1985 and 1989.

    Cocaine is a Schedule II substance with a high risk of misuse. As a result, it may result in serious physical or psychological dependence.

    Instructions for using a Cocaine Drug Test Strip

    Test Instructions:

    1. Use the kratom test kit as soon as you remove it from its sealed package. The assay should be completed within an hour for optimum results.

    2. Hold the strip by the end, where the product name is visible. You should not touch the strip membrane to prevent infection.

    3. After that, hold the test strip vertically and immerse it for at least 10 to 15 seconds in the urine sample. Avoid submerging above the MAX line on the test strip. About one-fifth of the way along the strip, to be exact.
    4. When the drug test is complete, take the test strip out of the specimen and set it flat on a non-absorbent surface. Wait for the colored band(s) to appear before starting the timer. Read the outcome after five minutes. After 10 minutes, don't interpret the results.

    Determine Cocaine Test Strip Results

    If it is Positive

    In the control region, there is just one colored band visible. The test region (T) shows no visible colored band

    If it is Negative

    On the membrane, two colored bands will appear, one band would be present in the control region (C) while the other would be present in the test region. (T)

    If it is Invalid

    The control band won’t show up. any test which has not produced a control band at the specified read time must be eliminated. Please go over the steps again and do a fresh test. Stop using the kit right away and get in touch with your local distributor if the issues continue.

    Why is there a need to test for Cocaine? 

    One of the modern drugs with the highest physical dependence rates is cocaine. Its potency is well known, and those in recovery have commented on its very addictive qualities.

    Some people who have only used the substance once have developed an addiction in certain situations. Cocaine has a relatively rapid onset of action; depending on the manner used, the effects might be felt as soon as a few seconds. This is a major factor in the danger this chemical poses to all consumers.

    Cocaine has a long half-life in the human body. It will last for at least 2-4 days in the urine. Due to the increased half-life of cocaine in heavy users, the detection window may be extended. It may persist for up to two weeks or longer in the urine of a chronic user.

    Because of this, many people in charge of conducting drug testing procedures will list cocaine as one of the substances found on the test.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Risks linked to cocaine addiction include the following:

    • possible fatal overdose

    • Infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C spreading:

    • increased signs of mental illness, such as mood disorders

    • persistent health issues (heart attack, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory distress, seizures)

    View it here. The Perils and Effects of Cocaine Dependence

    A false positive urine drug test for cocaine might result from the use of topical anesthetics. Consuming coca leaf tea can also result in a false positive.

    To learn more, see this page: Can a Drug Test Lead to a False Positive?

    Typically, cocaine is sold as a powder. Crack cocaine, on the other hand, appears as solid blocks or crystals with colors ranging from yellow to pale pink or white.

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    The coronavirus is not killed by cocaine. To be clear, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated on its website that cocaine does not offer coronavirus protection.

    "Cocaine is an addictive and energizing drug. Its usage has harmful impacts on people's health and creates serious adverse effects, it stated. ”

    Find out more here:  No, Cocaine Does Not Cure Coronavirus

    Usually, cocaine or its metabolites can be detected in urine for up to three days. A heavy user, however, may show up positive for up to 2 weeks on a urine test.

    For more information: How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

    There are many different drug testing kits on the market and even online. Additionally, these test kits are available as cups and strips, and they can find out whether there are any prescription or illicit substances in the urine.

    But you must get it from a dependable vendor, such as 12 Panel Now. As a result, you can be certain that the test you are utilizing is current and valid, and you may have faith in the accuracy of the results.