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Cotinine Urine Test Strips

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SERENITY Nicotine Test (Individual Pouch) Cotinine 200 ng/ml, Urine Dip Stick

Cotinine Urine Test Strips

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    Cotinine (COT) Urine Drug Test Strips

    • Nicotine levels in urine are detected using single-panel COT drug test strips.

    • Cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, is the main alkaloid present in tobacco products.

    • In this specific test, the cotinine cutoff level is 200 ng/mL.

    • This test is made to be both economical and trustworthy.

    • A person's final cigarette can be detected up to 4 days later with cotinine.

    • A high degree of accuracy (99%).

    • Within five minutes, test results from urine samples will be available.

    • Only for forensic use

    Why is there a need to use a Cotinine Urine Test?

    Despite the dangers linked to nicotine use, the FDA does not classify it as a restricted substance.

    Employers and organizations are still allowed to conduct Cotinine tests on potential employees. When they start their drug-screening processes, they might incorporate a cotinine urine test.

    On the other hand, some employers might want to monitor tobacco use among their staff or impose a no-smoking rule at work.

    Check out our knowledge base to discover more about nicotine.

    What exactly is Cotinine?

    Nicotine has a harmful byproduct called cotinine that stimulates the central nervous system. It is the primary alkaloid in tobacco and a metabolite of nicotine.

    After using nicotine products including cigarettes, nicotine patches, gum, and nasal sprays, cotinine levels may be present in the body. Small dosages of nicotine release adrenaline, according to recent studies.

    Like many stimulants, nicotine intake will give the person more energy and make them more alert when used in short doses. But when taken in higher doses, nicotine causes the release of dopamine, which has a sleepy effect.

    Instructions for Using a COT Drug Test Strip?

    Test Instructions:

    1. Use the test kit as soon as you remove it from its sealed package. The assay should be completed within an hour for optimum results.

    2. Hold the strip by the end, where the product name is visible. You should not touch the strip membrane to prevent infection.

    3. After that, hold the test strip vertically and immerse it for at least 10 to 15 seconds in the urine sample. Avoid submerging above the MAX line on the test strip. About one-fifth of the way along the strip, to be exact.
    4. When the drug test is complete, take the test strip out of the specimen and set it flat on a non-absorbent surface. Wait for the colored band(s) to appear before starting the timer. Read the outcome after five minutes. After 10 minutes, don't interpret the results.

    How to Interpret This COT Drug Test Kit

    If it is Positive

    In the control region, there is just one colored band visible. The test region (T) shows no visible colored band

    If it is Negative

    On the membrane, two colored bands will appear, one band would be present in the control region (C) while the other would be present in the test region. (T)

    If it is Invalid

    The control band won’t show up. any test which has not produced a control band at the specified read time must be eliminated. Please go over the steps again and do a fresh test. Stop using the kit right away and get in touch with your local distributor if the issues continue.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may test positive for cotinine accidentally if you use nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or other items that contain nicotine.

    Read more about  Nicotine and cotinine in oral fluid: Passive exposure vs active smoking

    A cotinine strip is available for purchase at any store that provides goods for drug testing. Make sure they're accurate and secure, though. Additionally, they must to be FDA-approved and CLIA-waived.

    The cheapest prices for cotinine drug test strips are provided by 12 Panel Now. Just $0.79 for each strip.

    Nicotine is not tested for in a typical drug test. To find nicotine or its metabolite cotinine in the body, a nicotine test is utilized instead. A molecule called cotinine is created by the body when nicotine is consumed.

    Typically, cotinine testing is done in conjunction with a smoking cessation program, a health or life insurance application, or both. Additionally, the court may request a nicotine test if there is a suspicion of a nicotine overdose or poisoning, before certain surgical operations, or in child custody disputes.

    Nicotine can be found in the hair, saliva, urine, and blood. The test that can detect cotinine with the greatest sensitivity is a saliva test. Up to 4 days after nicotine usage or inhalation, it can still be detected.

    It varies. Yes, you could test positive for cotinine if you've been breathing in smoke from numerous smokers in a closed space. In any other case, you won't.

    Cotinine can stay in the body for up to 10 days.

    How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System?

    A failed drug test can indicate a positive test outcome or issues with the testing procedure that has an impact on the test's outcome. A test-day diet or medicine can also contribute to it.

    Drugs that were tested for are found in the body when a drug test is failed because of a positive result. Due to the presence of drugs in his body above the threshold level, which indicates drug usage, the person failed the drug test.

    A failed drug test may also indicate that the testing procedure's integrity was compromised, which would have an impact on the test's outcomes. The handling, storage, or collection of the specimens may have violated the testing methodology.