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Hydrocodone Drug Test Strips

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Hydrocodone 300 ng/ml

Hydrocodone Drug Test Strips

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Hydrocodone Drug Screening

  • The Cutoff Level for this test Is 300 ng/mlhe Hydrocodone Drug Test is a rapid and accurate way to check for the following drugs: Hydrocodone. Every urine test for hydrocodone is 99% accurate.

  • An Excellent Alternative to Laboratory and Blood Tests for Urine Drug ScreeningThis test's cutoff level is 300 ng/ml. The test results are given in five minutes. The test is easy to perform, and the findings are displayed both positively and negatively.

  • A single panel drug test that is highly accurate and sensitive. Hydrocodone Urine Test Strips come in packs of 25 strips. An Effective Urine Drug Screening Alternative to Laboratory and Blood Tests. It is only to be used for forensic purposes.

Hydrocodone Drug Testing Facts

Adults are regularly prescribed the opioid medication hydrocodone to manage severe pain and control coughing. Although having a similar structure as codeine, it has a far stronger painkilling action.

Hydrocodone was classed as a schedule III drug until 2014. But, as the opioid crisis gained notoriety and pressure from health campaigners rose, lawmakers were convinced to reclassify hydrocodone as a schedule II drug.

The federal government classifies drugs as Schedule II because they have great medical utility but a high potential for abuse. Despite moving hydrocodone to Schedule II, the FDA restricted its use in adolescents under the age of 18 in 2018.

With these hazards, hydrocodone should be used with caution.

Instructions for using Hydrocodone drug test strip

As soon as you take the test strip from its sealed package, use it. For best results, the assay should be performed within an hour.

Hold the strip by the end with the visible product name. To avoid infection, avoid touching the strip membrane.

After that, hold the test strip vertically and submerge it in the urine sample fo​r at least 10 to 15 seconds. Submerging above the MAX line on the test strip is not recommended. To be precise, one-fifth of the way down the strip.

When the drug test is finished, remove the test strip from the specimen and place it flat on a nonabsorbent surface. Before starting the timer, wait for the colored band(s) to appear. Have a look at the outcome. Don't interpret the results after 10 minutes have been passed 

Hydrocodone Adverse Reactions

  • Opioids like hydrocodone affect numerous opioid receptor types in the brain. When these receptors are activated, the brain's production of nociceptive, or pain-related, neurotransmitters are suppressed.
  • This has the added benefit of causing a soothing state of mind because it reduces the sensation of pain..
  • Opioids, despite being extremely effective for people suffering from acute pain, are highly addictive and lethal in high dosages. The most common technique is to take hydrocodone tablets and water orally.
  • Yet, several people have been seen snorting or smoking the pill version. This poses extra hazards since, when eaten by these procedures rather than orally, it reaches the system much faster and causes intoxication within seconds.

Hydrocodone Addiction ​

Peer networks, education, psychological support, and medicine are all employed in the treatment of opioid addiction. People frequently seek solace in inpatient rehabilitation institutions and 12-step programs.

Opioid replacement therapy is a medical method in which the addictive medication is replaced with an opioid that has less rewarding effects but still alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

The most commonly recommended medicines for this are buprenorphine and methadone. Unfortunately, because these drugs cause addiction, patients continue to endure opioid.

withdrawal symptoms, albeit to a lower amount. Yet, combining these strategies can give recovering addicts hope for a more normal future.

How to Use a Hydrocodone Drug Test Strip ? 


There is only one colored band visible in the control region. There is no apparent colored band in the test region (T).


Two colored bands will appear on the membrane; one band will be present in the control region (C), while the other will be present in the test region. (T)​


The control band will not appear. Any test that does not yield a control band at the given read time must be discarded. Please repeat the procedures and run a new test. Stop using the kit immediately and contact your local distributor if the problems persist.


How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay in the System?

Testing for hydrocodone use may be required in a variety of scenarios. This could be done as a random test, as part of a rehabilitation programme, or as part of a pre-employment screening.

 Although several factors influence how long hydrocodone remains in the body, it is normally detectable for 2-4 days after use. This means that more frequent testing to ensure sobriety may be required.

Those who commonly obtain opioid prescriptions should consult with their primary care physician before submitting a urine drug test.

Addiction prevalence and illegal usage

Opioid addiction is widespread. Almost 2 million Americans suffer from an opioid addiction illness. In 2011, 136.7 million prescriptions for hydrocodone alone were written. Every day, over 90 people are thought to die from an opioid overdose in America, and over 1000 more are thought to attend the emergency room owing to overdose symptoms.

Hydrocodone Adverse Effects

Hydrocodone has numerous negative effects on various organ systems. The effects of hydrocodone on the cardiovascular system include peripheral edema and blood pressure fluctuations. 

Common gastrointestinal symptoms caused by opioid use include constipation, vomiting, and stomach discomfort. Anxiety, drowsiness, dizziness, and sleeplessness are some of the neurological adverse effects of hydrocodone.

 The most concerning effect is on the respiratory system. Excessive opioid use can impair breathing, leading to asphyxia and death. This is exacerbated when considering its power. Hydrocodone is far more powerful than tramadol. Nonetheless, the difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone is small and tends to favor oxycodone.

Frequently Asked Questions

A drug test looks for the presence of illicit substances in the body to identify whether or not a person has used a certain drug or drug.

The drug test that best matches your needs will be determined by your specific requirements. Employers' corporate policies and laws control their industry. What are the general patterns, and how many drugs will they test for?

Drug testing supplies are available both online and at pharmacies.

Perhaps check out the 12Panel Now's Store. With our convenient one-stop shop, you may 

Random drug testing is required for an effective drug-free working policy. The frequency with which employees are tested for drugs is determined on the sort of company.

In this circumstance, the best method is to keep everything random and select a representative sample of individuals for testing. A random test, contrary to popular belief, cannot be completed in 24 hours. An applicant gets tested as soon as they are picked.

It is not even required for companies that are not subject to DOT regulations. Organizations subject to DOT regulations must conduct random drug testing. Each has a different annual % rate for random testing.


Yes, hydrocodone may be detected on an opioid drug test. Buy Test Cup provides a Hydrocodone Specific Single Panel Urine Test Strip for this purpose.

At-home drug tests are effective and can be considered fairly accurate if performed correctly. A variety of factors can have an effect on accuracy, including:

  • What the patient ate or drank before the examination

  • If the test was appropriately performed, whether the subject took any medication before the test

  • If first-morning urine was used since it is the most concentrated urine of the day and thus ideal for drug detection

Because of these difficulties, the FDA believes that no drug test is 100% reliable. To be sure, a second test in a lab is recommended.

References: abuse drugs%3F-,No.,tested for the wrong drugs.

Because of these difficulties, the FDA believes that no drug test is 100% reliable. To be sure, a second test in a lab is recommended.